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SDE elected SDL the Apprentice Place of the Year 2015

SDE College has elected the transport company Schou-Danielsen Logistik A/S as the Apprentice Place of the Year 2015. According to trainee Casper Sloth Gyldenhegn, the company is fantastic at creating job satisfaction.

The transport company, Schou-Danielsen Logistik A/S, is proud of the title as the Apprentice Place of the Year 2015. On the photo from the left: Erik Viggo Hansen, Department Head of SDE, Henrik Vestergaard Andersen, Campus Manager of SDE, Trainee Casper Sloth Gyldenhegn, Martin Danielsen, Director of Schou-Danielsen Logistik, Torben Andersen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SDE and Lars Bregnehøj, Director of SDE.

”In all respects, Schou-Danielsen Logistik is able to make me love my work. Every morning I am looking forward to getting to the central and making a difference!”

These are some of the fine words in the recommendation, that driver trainee Casper Sloth Gyldenhegn forwarded a couple of months ago to recommend his apprentice place, Schou-Danielsen Logistik A/S in Odense as a candidate to the price “Apprentice Place of the Year”.

Casper continued:

”Everybody gets on well and we succeed in keeping a good tone among the colleagues and after a long day, nothing beats returning to the terminal to a bunch of fresh and content colleagues ”.

A sign with the inscription "Apprentice Place of the year 2015" and a bowl with goodies and the inscription “Apprentice Place of the Year”. Director of SDE, Lars Bregnehøj, hands over flowers to Director of Schou-Danielsen Logistik, Martin Danielsen.


A fine recognition

Casper’s beautiful words in his recommendation convinced an agreed judging panel at SDE College to elect Schou-Danielsen as the winner of the price “Apprentice Place of the Year”.

”When reading Casper’s recommendation, it clearly signals job satisfaction and that he is proud to be an employee”, the chairman of the board, Torben Andersen, said among other things in his speech. He continued:

”You can be proud of yourselves but also of you trainee, Casper Sloth Gyldenhegn, who is so happy to work every day that you in his opinion deserved the recognition to be elected the Apprentice Place of the Year.”

Gyldenhegn is super happy to be trainee at Schou-Danielsen Logistik and he always looks forward to getting on the job. 

Proud company

Schou-Danielsen Logistik is proud of the fine title, too.

”We are happy and proud to be elected the Apprentice Place of the Year, and generally we do a lot to encourage job satisfaction among our employees through e.g. fruit arrangement, health arrangement, etc”, Jens Fosvig said, Sales Director at Schou-Danielsen Logistik A/S.

”It is nice to know that our employees are content”, Director Martin Danielsen supplemented and he continued:

”Casper is doing well in our company and we have tried to give him many different assignments to challenge him in order to teach him as much as possible”.

Actually, Casper is the first driver trainee at Schou-Danielsen Logistik A/S so with his fine recommendation, he has surely paved the way for future trainees!

"Casper’s recommendation signals job satisfaction and pride ", Chairman of the Board of Directors of SDE, Torben Andersen, said among other things in his speech.

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